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Beasley Neighbourhood Action Plan meeting!

On Wednesday June 22nd, join us for a public event to be held at the Beasley Community Centre (145 Wilson St.) from 7-8:45pm

FREE CHILDCARE & DINNER to all attendees!
The agenda is simple: the first hour will be dedicated to a Focus Group run by our researcher friends at the Neighbourhood Action Evaluation & University of Toronto. The goal of the focus group is to learn more from residents about some of the progress we have made in Beasley since 2011.
The second part of the agenda will be a brief presentation about the BNA's Neighbourhood Planning exercise this year, followed by opportunities for neighbours to give input into the kinds of objectives we should focus on in the updated Neighbourhood Plan (due in November 2016).
If you cannot make it on Wednesday, then please use the Online Mapping Tool to share your input. We would also appreciate it if you would please fill out our survey, so we can learn more about what Beasley means to you, and how to make it a better place to be!
We hope to see you out on June 22nd, and please share this to anyone with an interest in helping chart Beasley's future.
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Plan Local Ward 2 Safe Streets

If you've had complaints about the safety of a street in Ward 2 or better yet maybe you've got a solution for an issue. Than it's important that you participate in Plan Local: Ward 2 Safe Streets. 

Once again Clr. Jason Farr has set aside a portion of his discretionary fund to resident identified planning. You can submit your ideas on the website or join us at the Beasley Community Centre Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm for an informal event.

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2016 Beasley Neighbourhood Survey now launched!

As part of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association's ongoing work to update our Neighbourhood Action Plan, we are happy to announce that our new online survey is available to fill out online!
Click HERE to start the online survey now. Please also feel free to share the URL with your friends and neighbours who live, work and/or play in Beasley:
The BNA encourages anyone who regularly spends time in Beasley to take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Its results will help us better understand the needs and priorities of people active in our downtown Hamilton communities.
The input we've received to date on the 2016 Neighbourhood Action Plan has been fantastic: Along with 50+ surveys filled out at the Beasley Fair on April 23rd, more than 200+ data-points have been collected using the GIS tool on our website. Click HERE to access the GIS tool and help us make Beasley a place where people can be their best!
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Beasley Fair 2016

Please join us for our annual Beasley Fair! Come find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood! This is your chance to connect with the city services, places of worship, organizations and local business that serve the Beasley Community. From 1:00pm - 4:00pm on Saturday April 23rd n the Beasley Community Centre - 145 Wilson Street. Kids activities provided!


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Beasley Asset Mapping Tool

Help us chart Beasley's future, November 25th 6 - 8:30pm & online ANYTIME!

This Wednesday from 6pm, the BNA will be hosting residents, community partners and supporters for a drop-in public consultation at the Beasley Community Centre (145 Wilson St.). The topic is the future of Beasley's Neighbourhood Plan. Endorsed by Hamilton City Council in 2012 and coming up to its fifth anniversary, the Plan needs to be refreshed and we want to hear from you about our community's strengths and weaknesses.

Even if you cannot come on the 25th, please use this digital tool to share your input. Created for the BNA by volunteers, this map asks you to pin-point places in our neighbourhood where you've had good and bad experiences relative to four key themes: Diversity & Inclusion; Health & Wellbeing; Parks & Recreation, and; Neighbourhood Safety.

Please come out on the 25th and use and share this fantastic tool with others in the Beasley community!




Help us make a better place for all those who live, work and play in Beasley! Tell us about good and bad experiences you had and show us where. We want to know about your safety experiences, experiences with parks and recreation, experiences affecting your health and wellbeing and experiences with diversity and inclusion. Use the map below to show give us your feedback and we will use the data to help form the neighbourhood plan and the things we need to do to make Beasley better!


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Beasley Multicultural Celebration

You're invited to a Beasley Multicultural Celebration  this coming Saturday September 19th, from 3-6pm in Beasley Park.

This is an event for people all ages and backgrounds to celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity of this neighbourhood! There will be performances, music, a fashion show, delicious food and wonderful company.
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Beasley Neighbourhood Association Meeting

We're back from the summer break tomorrow! BNA meeting on Wednesday, Sept 9 from 7pm-9pm in the Beasley Community Centre in Dr. Davey school (145 Wilson St).

Hope to see you there! 

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Casino (Poll Closed)

1/1: Do you support having a casino in Beasley? (See for more info)

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