2016 Beasley Neighbourhood Survey now launched!

As part of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association's ongoing work to update our Neighbourhood Action Plan, we are happy to announce that our new online survey is available to fill out online!
Click HERE to start the online survey now. Please also feel free to share the URL with your friends and neighbours who live, work and/or play in Beasley: http://goo.gl/forms/6UF5WvJHoS
The BNA encourages anyone who regularly spends time in Beasley to take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Its results will help us better understand the needs and priorities of people active in our downtown Hamilton communities.
The input we've received to date on the 2016 Neighbourhood Action Plan has been fantastic: Along with 50+ surveys filled out at the Beasley Fair on April 23rd, more than 200+ data-points have been collected using the GIS tool on our website. Click HERE to access the GIS tool and help us make Beasley a place where people can be their best!

Beasley Neighbourhood Association