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11.Support Our Beasley Heritage!
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12.Notice about Elgin Street Transformer Station Construction
Hydro One has issued a notice about work scheduled to occur on the Elgin Street Transformer Station by Dr. Davey School over March Break next week. Click here to view the notice (PDF)
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13.Beasley Neighbourhood Plan 2017
This is an updated plan for the Beasley Neighbourhood from 2017
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14.NEW 2017 Beasley Neighbourhood Plan published!
After 16 months of engaging with people who live, work and play in Beasley, the BNA is proud to announce the publication of its latest Neighbourhood Plan. With an eye to 2020, the new Plan is organized along four objectives areas: Health & Wellbeing, Safety, Parks & Recreation, and Diversity ...
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15.James Street North Art Crawl
James St North is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, comprised of the Italian, Portuguese and Vietnamese communities. And most recently a burgeoning arts community! Every Second Friday of the month there is a ArtCrawl, all the galleries of the area have their new art openings on the same ...
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16.Beasley Neighbourhood Association - May 9 2012
Beasley Neighbourhood Association Meeting Minutes from May 9 2012
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17.Property Taxes
Look up tax rates and see what payment options are available to you.
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18.Parks and Recreation
Recreation centres, parks, swimming & skating
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19.Lincoln Brothers Sign Next To Manhatten Complex
Not available...
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