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11.2016 Beasley BBQ on Sun. June 5th!
by pelia on 05/26 12:27PM - Story - 3,789 Hits
12.Plan Local Ward 2 Safe Streets
If you've had complaints about the safety of a street in Ward 2 or better yet maybe you've got a solution for an issue. Than it's important that you participate in Plan Local: Ward 2 Safe Streets. Once again Clr. Jason Farr has set aside a portion of his discretionary ...
by pelia on 05/10 01:03PM - Story - 3,861 Hits
13.2016 Beasley Neighbourhood Survey now launched!
As part of the Beasley Neighbourhood Association's ongoing work to update our Neighbourhood Action Plan, we are happy to announce that our new online survey is available to fill out online! Click HERE to start the online survey now. Please also feel free to share the URL with your friends ...
by pelia on 05/10 12:57PM - Story - 2,822 Hits
14.Beasley Neighbourhood Plan Progress Update Meeting
JOIN US FOR A COMMUNITY CONVERSATION It’s time to review the progress of our last plan and move forward with a brand new updated plan, which we will launch at the end of 2016 for the 5th anniversary! Join us for a community conversation. We want to hear your thoughts ...
by pelia on 11/24 11:00PM - Calendar > Site Events - 1,109 Hits
15.BNA Meeting Minutes - June 10 2015
This is the meeting minutes for June 10th, 2015
by pelia on 09/10 08:59AM - FileMgmt - 748 Hits
16.Beasley Neighbourhood Association - January 14 2015
Beasley Neighbourhood Association Meeting Minutes from January 14 2015
by pelia on 02/06 07:01AM - FileMgmt - 921 Hits
17.Media Gallery
Not available...
by pelia on 06/24 11:05AM - Media Gallery - 2,174 Hits
Not available...
by pelia on 06/22 02:52PM - Media Gallery - 1,685 Hits
19.Beasley Charter
The Beasley Neighbourhood Charter is an agreement between residents, service organizations and businesses that aims to improve the quality of life for those who live, work and play in Beasley. You can view the official charter document here . One of the deliverables of the Beasley Neighbourhood Charter is the ...
by pelia on 11/02 09:38AM - Pages - 14,756 Hits
20.Tool Lending Library
Tool Lending Library Open to Beasley Residents HARRRP (Hamilton Association for Residential and Recreational Redevelopment Programs) has started Hamilton's 1st Tool Lending Library! Sometimes buying a tool that you will only use once or twice doesn't make sense. Residents of Beasley can borrow tools at no cost, choosing from an ...
by pelia on 09/21 10:04AM - Pages - 12,542 Hits
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