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The NEW 2017 Beasley Neighbourhood Plan is complete!

After 16 months of engaging with people who live, work and play in Beasley, the BNA is proud to announce the publication of its latest Neighbourhood Plan. With an eye to 2020, the new Plan is organized along four objectives areas: Health & Wellbeing, Safety, Parks & Recreation, and Diversity & Inclusion. Attainable actions are presented for each of 16 objectives, to be pursued by the community, City and our partners.

Download Beasley Neighbourhood Plan 2017 here



View the original 2011 Beasley Neighbourhood Plan here.

There is also a work plan (PDF) that summarizes the Priority Goals and Actions in a table.


Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the making of this plan. If your voice has not yet been heard then remember to attend a meeting. Meeting times are listed on the menu to the right under "Upcoming Events". Look for Beasley Charter Meeting or Beasley Plan Meeting.


View the 2015 BNA Neighbourhood Plan Progress Update where you can see some of the great things accomplished over the last 5 years!

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