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Beasley Asset Mapping Tool

Help us chart Beasley's future, November 25th 6 - 8:30pm & online ANYTIME!

This Wednesday from 6pm, the BNA will be hosting residents, community partners and supporters for a drop-in public consultation at the Beasley Community Centre (145 Wilson St.). The topic is the future of Beasley's Neighbourhood Plan. Endorsed by Hamilton City Council in 2012 and coming up to its fifth anniversary, the Plan needs to be refreshed and we want to hear from you about our community's strengths and weaknesses.

Even if you cannot come on the 25th, please use this digital tool to share your input. Created for the BNA by volunteers, this map asks you to pin-point places in our neighbourhood where you've had good and bad experiences relative to four key themes: Diversity & Inclusion; Health & Wellbeing; Parks & Recreation, and; Neighbourhood Safety.

Please come out on the 25th and use and share this fantastic tool with others in the Beasley community!




Help us make a better place for all those who live, work and play in Beasley! Tell us about good and bad experiences you had and show us where. We want to know about your safety experiences, experiences with parks and recreation, experiences affecting your health and wellbeing and experiences with diversity and inclusion. Use the map below to show give us your feedback and we will use the data to help form the neighbourhood plan and the things we need to do to make Beasley better!




How to add a pin:

1. Click on any of the icons in the panel on the left for good and bad experiences. The icon will highlight to let you know it is selected. Use on "Good Experience" to tell us about a time that was positive, and use "Bad Experience" to tell us about a time that was negative.

2. Click on the map where you want to place a pin. A red circle will appear there and a popup will ask for some information.

3. Fill in the description and if you know the date (or when you think it happened) let us know!

4. Click away or on the "x" on the popup to save the entry or if you made a mistake, click delete and start over.



How to edit or delete a pin:

1. Click on the select tool

2. Click and drag a box around your pin. It will turn into a red circle if you got it.

3. To edit: click the edit button and the popup window will come up. When finished hit the "x" on the popup.

4. To delete: click the red delete button.


To protect your privacy, the pins will disappear when the map refreshes. Don't worry they're not deleted, just hidden (the map saves automatically)!

If you need help with a pin that you created, let us know at:



Hint: If you zoom the map or move it around your pin will become hidden so make sure you're happy with it before you move the map :). If you need to move a pin, select and delete it and place a new one.



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