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Seventy percent (70%) of residents from across the City say they support taking action to keep Hamilton affordable for renters and homeowners, according to the results of an election-themed phone poll commissioned by the Beasley Neighbourhood Association.

In addition, 64% of respondents supported the idea of requiring developers to include affordable units in their new developments, a position that the BNA has been encouraging Council to take in its redevelopment of Pier 8 in the West Harbour.

“Our members here in downtown Hamilton have been raising the alarm about rental and housing affordability issues for years now,” said BNA Chair Alexandria Anderson, “It’s clear that we’re not alone in facing this challenge, but we do need the City to step up and insist that new developments include truly affordable housing.”

The poll also revealed divisions between “old Hamilton” and its amalgamated areas.

“This really is a tale of two cities,” said Conestoga College Professor Anthony Piscitelli, who conducted the interactive voice response survey on behalf of the BNA, “It’s been almost 18 years since amalgamation, and we still see a very stark difference in the vision for the City.”

According to the results, the lower city and Hamilton Mountain are more supportive of funding transit (60%), taking action to keep Hamilton affordable (73%), and requiring developers to include affordable housing units (69%). Rural and suburban Hamiltonians are more supportive of tax cuts (77%), but less supportive of funding transit (48%) and taking action to keep Hamilton affordable (62%).

Overall, 34% rated the performance of City Council poor or very poor, but local councillors themselves fared considerably better, with 40% giving their local councillor a very good or good rating, compared to 20% for Council as a whole. These results masked significant difference in how seniors rate the performance of City Council. A total of 29% of Hamilton residents over 65 rated council’s performance as good or very good, almost double the 15% of those respondents under the age of 65 who gave a good or very good rating.

The results of this survey are based on an interactive voice response survey of 379 Hamilton residents conducted September 10th and 11th, 2018. The survey results were weighted to match the age and gender of the City of Hamilton. Results are considered accurate to +/- 5.3 percentage points 19 times out of 20, the margin of error is larger on subsample results.  For more information about the survey and its methods, please contact Professor Anthony Piscitelli at 519-998-3917 or

The BNA’s vision is to improve the quality of life for people who work, live and play in Beasley.                       JkeuRZ5VHN8yPs1u4TYYUWb8SWPwaDoYWLTILdJWAF5BEqPBgre039eWzxZUlXkATzJdS_vr3FrwpvsOq3bwwfK8AUSGYRCBCPPMr76Ye85Vs5N7MX17hoIbxeS7b2EsE7i6ocAf@ourbeasley

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